Rainwater Studios provides quality audio and video production for musicians. We work with independent artists to capture live performances that they can easily share with their fans.

Our stage is fully customizable so you can set the scene for your own personalized production. We encourage each artist to bring their own decorations, from branded banners to eye-catching tapestries to slick guitars that you want to show off from your collection. The finished product is a music video or live virtual concert that’s uniquely yours.

Working at our studio you’ll enjoy a picturesque country setting that’s well removed from the crowds and bustle of a city. We offer plenty of parking, easy load-in through our overhead door, and ample amenities including a kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, and a spacious patio break area.

How it Works

We can capture your video in a variety of ways:

  • Recording to disk for your independent use
  • Live streaming to Facebook
  • Live streaming to YouTube
  • …or any combination of the above

If you choose to live stream your performance, we can include your PayPal or Venmo information to encourage tipping from fans. We charge a flat fee for our production services that artists are often able to recoup through the profits from the production. We encourage you to promote your show for at least a week in advance to get the best attendance and increase your earning potential.

Artists are also encouraged to contact any venues, breweries, or other businesses that they have a relationship with to offer sponsorship. If you secure a sponsor for your live stream, we can include their name, logo, and other information in the intro, during the intermission (where applicable), and at the end of the stream. Your sponsor’s information can also be featured in advertisements leading up to the stream and within the description or title for the show.

What We Provide

Rainwater Studios supplies the sound tech, video tech, and lighting tech for your production. Our software can simultaneously stream your show to Facebook and YouTube on the pages of your choice while also recording to disk for additional uses post-production.

We also offer optional marketing services to help you promote your show in the week leading up to the performance. We can provide these marketing materials via email for you to post independently or we can post them for you.

What You Bring

We provide the platform – you bring the entertainment! Rainwater Studios is a blank slate that you can add your own personality to.

Artists supply:

  • Line gear
  • Stage decorations
  • Digital logos
  • Paypal/Venmo information for tipping

Setting the Stage

Our stage at Rainwater Studios is 9 feet deep and 14 feet wide.

We have a black curtain across the back of the stage, yellow or black curtains on the sides, and white ceiling panels. Guitar hangers are mounted along the sides and back of the stage so you can use your instruments as optional stage decorations. Utilizing the guitar hangers during the show can also help free up stage space if you’re using multiple instruments.

The entire stage is illuminated with fully customizable color-changing lights. We encourage artists to consider the color and mood of each song on the set list so we can provide this to our lighting technician and set the scene perfectly for your performance. A fog machine is available to enhance the mood further.


For solo artists, we charge a minimum of $300 which includes:

  • 1 hour for load-in, setup, soundcheck, and video check
  • 1 hour of recording time

We charge a minimum of $500 for a full band, which covers four hours of studio time. This includes:

  • 2 hours for load-in, setup, soundcheck, and video check
  • 2 hours to create your content

For products recorded to disk, we will cut out each song individually and deliver your songs as MP4 files. We offer mastering and video editing for an additional charge, which is negotiable per product.

We charge an additional $50 per streaming destination. For example: To have a full band record to disk and stream to FB is $550. For a full band to record to disk and stream to FB and YT is $600.

Schedule Your Live Stream

Contact us at RainwaterRecordingCompany@gmail.com or through our Facebook page to schedule your stream.